January 20, 2019 With all these new materials 3D printing is expanding into, it’s easy to forget the work done with the basics. Take PLA, for example: probably the most common and easy to use material on the market. There’s been a trend of taking PLA and giving it novel […]

Luminescent PLA Composite Filaments Display Improved Characteristics

We found the TOP 5 videos of the week about 3D printing and the way additive manufacturing is shaping and changing our society. 3D Printing fashion pieces, dentures, bridges and more! If you enjoy these, you can access even more 3D printing videos on the our Youtube channel, as well as […]

#TOP5 Videos: 3D Printing Disrupting the Fashion Industry & More

Plastic consumption and plastic pollution are key contributors to the globe’s climate crisis. A non-renewable material, plastic has become a ubiquitous part of our day-to-day lives, as we buy products made of it and too frequently throw it away. As plastic continues to take its toll on our environment, it […]

The New Raw transforms plastic waste into 3D printed furniture ...

The U.S. Air Force has revealed that it installed a titanium 3D printed component on an operational F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft this past December. The 3D printed part, a secondary bracket component, enabled Air Force technicians speed up the replacement of a damaged part on the aircraft. Manufactured by Lockheed […]

U.S. Air Force installs first 3D printed metal part on ...

Colonising space with additive manufacturing? China reveals its plans to be the first country to establish a 3D printed base on the moon.  China plans to 3D print on the moon It’s the China National Space Administration (CNSA) which announced its plans to use 3D printing technology to build on […]

China reveals plans to build 3D printed base on moon

January 18, 2019 Carbon have entered into a new agreement with Ford to digitally manufacture end-use parts using their technology. This agreement also means a further expansion of their existing agreement to print their components using DLS technology and their innovative EPX (epoxy) 82 material. This is another example of Carbon’s […]

Carbon Collaborating With Ford to Digitally Manufacture End-Use Parts

[embedded content] According to SmarTech Publishing’s latest report, the composite additive manufacturing segment is expected to grow into a $10 billion revenue opportunity. This number is going to be driven primarily by hardware sales and part production. But what are the parts and the technologies that are going to push […]

Top experts discuss the future of composite AM in 3dpbm’s ...

When exploring the new developments, opportunities and challenges of additive manufacturing, mass production and especially manufacturing dimensions represent a significant obstacle. During Formnext 2018, we had the opportunity to discuss such challenges with Dr. Ricardo Osiroff, VP Industrial Solutions of Massivit 3D. The large format print industry is a highly […]

Do you like it MASSIVE? Massivit does

Origin is a young Californian startup founded in 2015 that successfully raised $ 10 million to develop its approach called Open Additive Production. This is a new manufacturing method based on open materials, expandable software and modular hardware, with the aim of meeting the demand for better quality materials and the customisation […]

Origin and its open additive manufacturing platform

Though we often write about how 3D printing is impacting automotive design, we don’t often see the technology being used to augment the display of a vehicle. As BMW recently demonstrated, however, 3D printing can be used to take an automotive unveiling to a whole new level. Earlier today, the […]

Patricia Urquiola and Aectual take the floor at BMW exhibit

Sigma Labs, Inc., a provider of quality assurance software under the PrintRite3D brand, has been awarded a Test and Evaluation Program contract with a leading global materials and service provider in additive manufacturing. The program is designed to demonstrate the value of Sigma’s PrintRite3D product capabilities and performance and to […]

Sigma Labs: Test and Evaluation Program contract to accelerate adoption ...

A joint team of researchers from the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London have developed a new family of 3D printed metamaterials: meta-crystal materials. The new materials integrate a novel lattice composition that mimics the structure of polycrystalline microstructures. Additive manufacturing is opening up a ton of new potentials […]

New meta-crystal materials have superior strength to uniform 3D printed ...