NASA has named the nine US companies, including Lockheed Martin Corp, that will compete for funding under the space agency’s renewed long-term moon program, the Nasa Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS). It is a $2.6 billion private-public undertaking to develop technology that will explore the lunar surface. Compared to the […]

Masten Space Systems explains how additive manufacturing will help NASA ...

The technologies of additive manufacturing’s impacts is constantly brought to different sectors from food to vehicles, through fashion and reaching consumer products. However, believe it or not, 3D printing technologies have gone into manicures… Or at least that is the proposal of, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of fully 3D printed nails. Bringing the custom […] and their 3D printed Nails; the future of manicures?

While much of the focus of industrial additive manufacturing is on the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors, there is another industry that is chugging along with its adoption of 3D printing: the rail industry. Today, the intersection between AM and the railway sector has been further reinforced, as Angel Trains, […]

Stratasys teams up with UK’s Angel Trains to bring 3D ...

A team of researchers from Purdue University has developed a 3D printing method specifically for processing energetic materials. The technique is not only capable of producing finely detailed parts made out of energetic materials, but it is also reportedly faster, safer and more eco-friendly than existing processes. To take the […]

Purdue University launches startup for 3D printing of energetic materials

Drones are a trend that is growing every day and 3D printing is the technology that is driving these developments. Drones are used inside the cinema, for surveillance, for delivery of packages or simply for recreational purposes. You can buy one fully made up , simply improve one through additive manufacturing […]

Top 10 3D printed drones

Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have created a novel 3D printing workflow that allows cardiologists to evaluate how different heart valve sizes will interact with each patient’s unique anatomy before the medical procedure is actually performed. The possibility of using material jetting 3D […]

Harvard Wyss researchers develop 3D printing workflow to predict leaky ...

December 10, 2018 One of the prominent arms races in 3D printing is speed, among many other. While certain competitors have left FFF/FDM in the dust, new developments are giving it a massive power boost. The most recent version is MIT’s FastFFF hardware technology. The prestigious university is presenting a […]

FastFFF: MIT Develops High Speed Printing System

NavVis, a global provider of indoor spatial intelligence solutions for enterprises, has closed a new funding round, raising a total of $35.5 million. The Series C funding round was led by Digital+ Partners, with additional participation from new investor Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE) and existing investors MIG, Target Partners […]

NavVis Raises $35.5M to accelerate development of digital twin technology ...

Yuyo is a young French Startup, who makes 3D printed surfboards from biodegradable materials. Since its creation, it has been striving to protect the oceans through greener products. All while maintaining the level of performance expected by many surfers around the globe. By turning to 3D printing, the startup is able to […]

#3DStartup: Yuyo and their 3D printed surfboards

December 9, 2018 While 3D printing has been in the automotive field for some time, use cases have been sparser than one would expect. Sure, there have been cases of tail light manufacturing and the occasional 3D printed car, but mass production is the exception rather than the rule. However, […]

Ford Develop 3D Printed Brakes For Shelby Mustang GT500

We found the TOP 5 videos of the week related to 3D printing and collected the additive manufacturing here. Share your videos and comment on the article below or on the 3Dnatives’ Facebook or Twitter account. Hope you’ll enjoy and have a great Sunday! Top 1: Automotive 3D printing Ford […]

#TOP5 videos: Automotive 3D printing, RepRap founders testimony and more!

After years of research, development, and capital investment, S-Squared 3D Printers (SQ3D), a desktop 3D printer manufacturer from Patchogue, NY, became the latest company to venture into the fascinating realm of construction 3D printing by presenting its patent-pending Autonomous Robotic Construction System, (ARCS). Like other construction systems, the ARCS applies […]

S-Squared unveils new ARCS construction 3D printer