Архив по месеци: януари 2017

In Brief Through its „The Jetsons“ campaign, engineering firm Arconic is sharing its vision for the year 2062, a time when they predict we’ll have three-mile-high, self-cleaning skyscrapers. While the ideas they present would be extremely difficult to enact, thinking in terms of what may be possible is the first […]

This 3D-Printed, Three-Miles-Tall Skyscraper Could Clean Itself

The CES 3D printer marketplace is a great venue for getting an overview of what’s new and innovative in 3D printing. Unfortunately, industry leader 3D Systems didn’t return this year, but there were plenty of other players — old and new — that showed off what is now possible in […]

3D printing gets a big boost at CES 2017

LAS VEGAS — Printing metal has been one of the holy grails of 3D printing. For the most part, printed prototype parts are made of plastic or other soft materials. That greatly limits their use in many production applications. Unless you pony up for a bank-vault-sized unit that can print metal […]

Ability 3D promises to let hobbyists print with metal

BODY BUILDING Researchers from the Heart Research Institute (HRI) have developed a 3D bioprinter, the first of its kind in Australia, that could replace a patient’s damaged cells after a heart attack. “When patients come into the clinic, they would provide us with their cells from their skin,” HRI scientist […]

Revolutionary Bioprinting Tech Results in Beating Heart Cells