Архив по месеци: април 2017

In Brief A team of engineers from MIT have developed a 3D printing robot that could be the future of constructing houses and similar structures on Earth and beyond. The Digital Construction Platform can build any object in any environment. If you’ve played StarCraft or any similar game, you’ve probably wondered […]

In the Future, Humans May Live in 3D Printed Space ...

When it comes to applied material science, it’s hard to beat NASA. Their solid-state wizards have been working on multiple ambitious projects, including silicon dioxide wafers and about a dozen kinds of ceramic composites. Now some folks at the JPL have debuted a new kind of engineered metallic fabric that […]

NASA Debuts 3D-Printed Space Chain Mail

In Brief Scientists are developing flexible materials to 3D print blood vessels for treating vascular defects in children. The team has been awarded a grant totaling $211,000 from the NIH for their cause. 3D-Printed Medical Magic Since it was introduced, 3D-printing technology has taken the world by storm. […]

A Scientist Is 3D Printing Blood Vessels for Sick Children