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Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, has invited university students from around the world to compete in its Additive Manufacturing Cup by 3D printing complex shapes using the company’s KetaSpire® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) filaments. PEEK is considered one of the highest performing thermoplastic polymers – and one of the […]

Solvay’s Additive Manufacturing Cup to Focus on KetaSpire PEEK Filaments

EOS and Under Armour will jointly work to scale Under Armour’s 3D footwear business through the development of advanced laser sintering technology, and leveraging EOS’ expertise in industrialized 3D production, now (once again) generally known as additive manufacturing (AM). “With EOS’ industry-leading laser sintering 3D printing technology, Under Armour can […]

EOS and Under Armour Partner to Evolve SLS 3D Printing ...

Brooks Running Company is partnering with HP Inc. and Superfeet to deliver the most personalized running footwear. Leveraging FitStation powered by HP and Brooks Run Signature, Brooks will introduce the first performance personalized running footwear created based on an individual’s unique biomechanics which will be available via special order through […]

Brooks Running Company Unveils FitStation Powered Personalized Running Footwear

Appearing at the end of the 1970s, laser triangulation technology has paved the way for new technology that is capable of 3D digitizing objects. Usually reserved for industrialists, this tool has gradually evolved over time, allowing us easily find affordable 3D scanners to use for ourselves. From Einscan-S and Shining 3D to new […]

TOP 10 Best Low Cost 3D Scanners

Another consequence of the growth of NYC, is the increase in land prices and the reduction of available land to build on. Although almost every square foot of space in NYC has been claimed and utilized, there still manages to exist an abundant amount of “vertical lots” sitting idle. These […]

Homed Concept by Framlab Explores 3D Printed Pods to Address ...

As Ultimaker reports on its official blog, Ultimaker 3D printers can offer some significant advantages for the creation of architectural models. Daniel Arellano joined the Bercy Chen Studio over seven years ago, fulfilling a lifelong goal of getting his hands dirty at a design build firm. Today, he’s a Senior Project Manager and […]

Ultimaker Explores 3D Printing for Architecture with Bercy Chen Studio ...

In the first part of our IP article we covered the current IP situation and what it means for consumers, designers, and professionals. During the research process we interviewed several professionals in the sector. These included Christopher J. Higgins, a 3D printing expert & Senior Associate at Orrick, as well […]

Should companies just accept their IP rights will be infringed ...

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Three-dimensional printing was supposed to be the next big thing, but a combination of factors have kept it from becoming a mainstream technology. One of the ongoing issues is that 3D printing is slow, and […]

MIT Boosts Speed of 3D Printing by 10 Times

3D printing has become a technology which can influence and improve many different areas of life including medical care, fashion, art, architecture, and industry. Ivan Gerada, procurement and IT Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS), a company that provides sealing, damping, and protection for critical applications in demanding environments, presented at […]

Trelleborg Discusses How 3D Printing Can Transform Large Manufacturing Companies

In 1986, an American named Chuck Hull created the first 3D printing technology. This technology today is known as SLA. The process, which is based on photo polymerization, uses a laser on a UV-sensitive resin and has since inspired new techniques such as DLP, MovingLight (from Prodways) or more recently […]

TOP 10 Resin 3D Printers

November 29, 2017 MIT have just shown off their new FDM/FFF printer that they claim is 10 times faster than existing machines. Achieving higher speeds on FDM/FFF has always been an issue of balancing flow rates and precise material heating. Therefore, the researchers utilised a heating laser that switches on […]

MIT Engineers Develop High-Speed, Laser Assisted FDM Printer

Carbon is introducing a new version of its next-gen 3D printing software that expands its tools to design, engineer and make polymeric parts using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology and resins. With this software release, Carbon offers a variety of tools that enable customers to print parts easily and successfully […]

Carbon Powers Next-Gen 3D Printing Software With Cloud-based Computation