Архив по дни: 8 януари 2018

CTIBIOTECH are leading a new path towards personalized cancer therapies through utilization of CELLINK’s technology platform. By taking a small piece of a patient’s tumor, multiplying the cells, and then bioprinting the patient’s tumor in the laboratory, researchers can discover, understand and find the exact treatment best for the specific cancer […]

CELLINK Signs with CITIBIOTECH for Bioprinting Patient Specific Tumors

Making forecasts about which directions the AM industry will take is a dangerous job (just ask those who forecasted 3D printing stock trends during the 2013 mini-bubble). If you want accurate forecasts there are two ways to go about it, one is to consult with market analysists and another is […]

Materialise Pros See Automation, Metal and App Driven Innovation as ...

In Fall 2017 Studio Unfold contacted VormVrij 3d for a commission that would put their 3D clay printers to the ultimate test. 400 identical 3D printed clay cups, glazed and packed for shipment within 14 days. If they could pull it off two more batches would follow the next 4 […]

VormVrij and Unfold Studio Collaborate on Mass Production of 1200 ...