Архив по месеци: ноември 2018

With stock value still holding high, even after coming down a little from peaking in September,  and booming revenues, Proto Labs is one of the most exciting companies in additive manufacturing. In many ways, the company is marking the transition from 3D as software to 3D as a service, which anticipates […]

Proto Labs Germany GM Daniel Cohn discusses AM for production ...

Swedish 3D bioprinting company CELLINK has today announced it has acquired German biodispensing tech company Dispendix GmbH for €5 million. The deal will see CELLINK buy all of Dispendix’s shares and add the company’s technologies to its own bioprinting solutions. Dispendix’s technology, its patented Immediate Drop on Demand Technology (IDOT), […]

Bioprinting company CELLINK acquires Dispendix for €5M

As creative as they are innovative, MIT researchers are developing a technology that can faithfully reproduce paintings in 3D based on a 2D image. The technique, called RePaint, uses a combination of deep learning and 3D printing to reproduce canvas artworks. The technique is being developed by MIT’s Computer Science […]

RePaint: the work of art in the age of 3D ...

Preserving our oceans has become a real concern: more and more species are threatened by human pollution. It is urgent to propose solutions to protect this marine ecosystem. 3D printing can be one solution. We can see some progress made with few initiatives using 3D technologies to recreate coral reefs. The project developed […]

Robotic jellyfish 3D printed to protect coral reefs

If anyone has any objections to 3D printing a wedding, speak now or forever hold your peace. Erin Winick, the associate editor of the future of work at MIT Technology Review, certainly didn’t have any objections, as the editor and maker opted to 3D print many elements of her own […]

How 3D printing made this maker’s dream wedding a reality

GE Healthcare has announced a partnership with VA Puget Sound Health Care System to accelerate the use of 3D imaging and 3D printed anatomical models for medical applications. VA Puget Sound Health Care System is a government-run healthcare program for veterans serving states in the Pacific Northwest of the United […]

Department of Veterans integrates GE Healthcare software for medical 3D ...

Proponents of construction 3D printing say the technology could be disruptive in the industry, offering a more flexible and cost-friendly way to quickly construct housing. These benefits, along with the ability to construct buildings in remote locations (by working with local building materials), have apparently caught the attention of the […]

Could construction 3D printing be the key to housing challenges ...

November 29, 2018 Boston Dynamics made a massive splash these past few years with their functional robotic dogs. Chances are the average person has seen the test footage of these formidable robots. Now, they’ve joined forces with Italian bionics company Youbionic, who will be developing and melding arms to their […]

Youbionic 3D Printing Robot Arms For Boston Dynamics

Whether or not you consider vinyl to be “back” (or whether it ever “died”), there is no question that audio equipment manufacturer Lenco and Dutch 3D printer company RepRap Universe are up to something interesting in their latest Kickstarter. The parties have pooled their respective expertise in hi-fi equipment and […]

Hi-fi expert Lenco and RepRap Universe launch modular, 3D printed ...

3D printing has evolved in recent years. We know of examples such as the 3D printing liquid and 4D printing etc. Now Harvard researchers present us with their newest progress; 3D printing with sound waves. Based on acoustic or acoustic levitation they have been able to create drops of different liquids of a composition and viscosity. According to […]

Researchers develop 3D printing with sound waves

Although Formnext 2018 just finished, in true Janne Kyttanen style, I am already thinking about Formnext 2019. Before I share my visions of the future, let’s wind back to four years ago, the last time I attended the fair. It was was still in its infancy at the time and […]

Janne Kyttanen: shifting perspectives on 3D and gearing up for ...

HRE is a US manufacturer of aluminum rims for racing and luxury cars. Since its creation in 1978, the company has been designing customised solutions that emphasise aesthetics and performance. It recently turned to additive manufacturing and more specifically to GE Additive to develop the world’s first 3D printed titanium rim. Called […]

HRE develops the world’s first 3D printed titanium rim