Архив по месеци: декември 2018

The French Startup Askja Audio was founded in 2014 to provide a revolutionary audio solution for all music lovers. Called Askja Origin, this set includes multiple mechanical 3D printed parts, including electronics boxes. Its founder Didier Kwak has especially imagined a large hybrid amplifier whose housing design made it very difficult to […]

Askja Audio develops a high-end audio system with 3D printing

2018 was an undeniably huge year for the additive manufacturing industry. Not only did we see more 3D printed firsts and new product launches, but the industry also showed clear signs of advancing towards industrialization. Another key trend this past year seems more than appropriate to highlight at this time […]

2018: top additive manufacturing highlights of the year

3D printing has grown exponentially in recent years, much of this growth is due to the people who are behind the technological developments and large companies in the industry. Because of this, we have followed the personalities of additive manufacturing that have marked a before and after in the industry during 2018. We […]

The personalities of additive manufacturing in 2018

December 30, 2018 Considering all the amenities it houses, Helsinki’s newest library hardly seems like it can be called one. Open to the public since the last two days, the Oodi houses not just books, but also laser cutters, 3D printers, recording studios, kitchens, a gaming room with PlayStation consoles […]

Library in Helsinki Makes 3D Printing Publicly Available

It’s been a year full of news in the 3D printing industry. New machines hit the market ready to be tested, legal issues was debated, and the preparations for going into space has moved forward. A lot of it has been covered on video, giving us a chance to show it to […]

Top 12 3D printing videos of 2018

The 3D printed Leaf Bridge project was initiated at the end of 2017 when 3DStep, a 3D printing company from Ylöjärvi, Finland contacted UPM application manager Eve Saarikoski, the developer of the Formi 3D printable material. The bridge, made of a wood biocomposite material, was introduced to the public for the […]

Finnish 3D printed Leaf Bridge shows potential of natural composite ...

The American research institute MIT announced the creation of a consortium dedicated to additive manufacturing called ADAPT (for Additive and Digital Advanced Production Technologies). The goal of this business association is to identify visionary research, scalable education platforms and exploitable strategic perspectives based on a strong university-industry ecosystem. Additive manufacturing has become […]

MIT launches ADAPT; A consortium dedicated to additive manufacturing

December 28, 2018 One of the technologies that researchers are scrambling to develop these days is wearable electronics. From MIT to Harvard, there have been many different conceptualisations floating around for this futuristic concept. Whatever the case, 3D printing usually plays a crucial role in providing the materials but a […]

KAIST Develop 3D Printed Batteries For Wearable Electronics

After years of R&D, German industrial binder jetting 3D printer manufacturer voxeljet has perfected 3D printing for complex formworks and now sees the construction industry as a key growth area for its binder jetting technology in the future. The large format binder jetting process from voxeljet has been proven to be […]

Voxeljet targets construction industry with 3D printed formworks

America Makes has announced GE Global Research as the awardee of a Directed Project Opportunity for the acceleration of large scale additive manufacturing (ALSAM). GE Global Research, along with its partners at the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State and GE Additive, was awarded roughly $2.6 million in funding […]

GE Global Research awarded $2.6M to develop open source, multi-laser ...

Have you ever tasted 3D chocolates, little sweets that were made thanks to 3D printing? This was imagined by artist Ryan L. Foote who combined the 3D technologies and traditional techniques of chocolatiers to create a range of unique chocolates in various shapes. By 3D printing his food molds, Ryan is able to design […]

3D chocolates with exotic shapes and flavours

The young designer Elen Parry developed the HeX headphones using 3D printing. It was a part of her graduation project at the Manchester School of Art. The project was realised with the help of Print City, an education and innovation center specialising in 3D printing. This device can be used as conventional […]

HeX; 3D printed headphones to protect your hearing