Архив по дни: 1 декември 2018

December 1, 2018 Microgreens like radishes, broccoli and basil are crucial components of many a meal. They’re all the rage in fancy restaurants as both garnish and ingredient. Being such small plants, enterprising growers are coming up with new solutions, allowing chefs to grow them indoors by themselves. One such […]

3D Printed Microgreen Rig Helps Germinate Seeds

Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast has been disrupting how fountain pens are made. Instead of relying on proven technology, in 2013 he was the first to 3D print a titanium fountain pen, followed, in 2016, by the nibs. Some amazing models followed: the very unique Spica Virginis (also […]

Rein van der Mast releases new Meteor 3D printed fountain ...