Архив по дни: 11 януари 2019

January 11, 2019 Medical innovations due to 3D printing are booming these days, with all sorts of new devices improving patient-care. While most of these new applications are based in bioprinting, a lot are simpler medical devices like implants. Today’s story fits more with the latter category and, while simple, […]

3D Printed Sponge Aids in Chemotherapy

A Slovenian inventor has been granted a national patent for a new technology that uses magnetic levitation to position powder materials in a volumetric printing space. The patent application which describes the potentially disruptive technology was also recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Volumetric printing, still recognized […]

Slovenian inventor patents breakthrough metal powder volumetric printing

Open Bionics, a UK-based company that develops low cost 3D printed bionic hands, has raised a whopping £4.66 million ($5.9 million) through a recent investment round. Investors include Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund, Downing Ventures, Ananda Impact Ventures and Rathbone Nominees. The £4.66 million will enable Bristol-based Open Bionics to […]

Open Bionics receives $5.9M investment for 3D printed bionic hands

Angel Trains is one of the largest train hire specialists in Britain; They recently partnered with ESG Rail and the manufacturer Stratasys to 3D print certain interior components of their trains. This including certain spare parts establishing railway additive manufacturing. Together and thanks to 3D technologies, the partners hope to disrupt the […]

Angel Trains and Stratasys; Collaboration developing railway additive manufacturing

Dutch 3D printing service provider Oceanz has announced the acquisition of Heijcon 3D Solutions, another Netherlands-based AM service bureau. With the acquisition, Ede-based Oceanz aims to strengthen its position in the professional additive manufacturing market. Part of the broader Heijcon Metal Solutions company, Heijcon 3D Solutions was founded in 2009 […]

Dutch 3D printing service Oceanz acquires Heijcon 3D Solutions

January 11, 2019 With the rise of large format 3D printing over the past few years, commercial uses are diversifying every day. Larger prints are making their way into manufacturing, construction and so many more industries. However, Tractus3D is highlighting another use for large format additive manufacturing: signage, retail and […]

How Gigantic Delta Printers by Tractus3D are used in Signage ...

On the 8th of January, the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas. It gathered, as usual, thousands of people intrigued about the business of consumer technologies. The show has an essential role in providing a platform for innovators and breakthrough technologies. For the last 50 years, […]

The 3D Printing Innovations at CES 2019