The Ultimate 3D printing Store, is an E-commerce business located in Tampa Bay. The company is dedicated to 3D printing and bringing it to homes, schools and businesses around North America. They recently unveiled their 3Domus (3DFS): a safety enclosure designed specifically for Ultimaker printers and XSTRAND filaments. One focus […]

Ultimaker safety enclosure and filtration by Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Researchers from Washington State University have developed a 3D printed biosensor for monitoring glucose. The innovative research could offer diabetes patients a more accessible and effective means on keeping track of their glucose levels. Glucose monitoring is a frequent task for people diagnosed with diabetes, and it plays an important […]

3D printed biosensor shows promise for glucose monitoring

Even now, news from Formnext 2018 is still trickling in. 3YOURMIND announced this week that it recruited AM veteran Stefan Ritt as its new Head of Global Marketing at the industry event and now a new partnership between AK Steel International B.V. and Bralco Advanced Materials Pte. Ltd. has been […]

Bralco and AK Steel International join forces for specialty AM ...

AM software company 3YOURMIND has appointed Stefan Ritt as its new Head of Global Marketing. Working with the Berlin-based company, additive manufacturing veteran Ritt will build on 3YOURMIND’s end-to-end 3D printing software workflows and will help the company in its expansion across the U.S. and European markets. Ritt will take […]

3YOURMIND appoints Stefan Ritt as Head of Global Marketing

December 7, 2018 Soil analysis is becoming more and more important with growth in space travel, terraforming and more earthly environmental concerns. One of the problems with the field is that technologies that penetrate the ground aren’t as sophisticated as researchers would like. Until now that is, with the creation […]

3D Printed Sensors Mimic Plant Roots For Soil Analysis

In tomographic 3D printing – they explain – the principle of CT scans is used in reverse. First, a digital model of the desired object is loaded. Based on this model, cross-sectional images of the object are generated (voxelization). Then, projections from a set of many angles from 0 to […]

What is volumetric 3D printing and why it could mean ...

In the UK, Big Bang Fair researchers have implemented a canteen 3D food printer. The 3D printer creates a variety of dishes for students. The goal is to encourage them to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Teaching 3D printing at school could be a way to introduce young people […]

A canteen 3D food printer in a primary school

GKN Aerospace has announced its plans to open a new Global Technology Centre (GTC) in the UK in 2020. The new centre will reportedly span 10,000 square meters and will focus largely on additive manufacturing, advanced composites, assembly and industry 4.0 processes with the goal of enhancing high rate production […]

GKN Aerospace to open £32M Global Technology Centre in Bristol ...

Despite some rocky beginnings, Russia’s Organ.Aut 3D bioprinter successfully reached outer space earlier this week and is already being put to good use. According to Russian scientists, the zero-gravity bioprinter has already printed a mouse’s thyroid aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Readers might have already heard of the Organ.Aut […]

Russia reveals details of first bioprinted organ in space

At Macquarie University in Australia, a team of researchers conducted a one-year study. Here they researched the benefits of 3D printing in schools. As well as 3D design in the Makerspaces of primary schools. More than 500 students were observed and interviewed to see how 3D technologies affect them both inside […]

How can students and teachers benefit from 3D printing in ...

December 6, 2018 Raise3D has just put up the beta version of their RaiseCloud print management software online. The current instalment allows Raise3D users to remotely monitor and control prints, while further automating their AM workflow. Since it’s in its beta stage, users can provide feedback to the company as they […]

Raise3D Launches RaiseCloud Print Management Software

3D printer manufacturer Raise3D announced this week that its cloud-based printing management software, RaiseCloud, has launched for the public in beta form. The software platform will enable Raise3D printer users to remotely monitor and control prints and further automate the AM workflow. With the RaiseCloud Beta launch, users can sign […]

RaiseCloud 3D printing software launches in beta